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August 03, 2011

Laurence Olivier Presents

"Cat on a hot tin roof" stars: Laurence Olivier (Big Daddy), Natalie Wood (Margaret), Robert Wagner (Brick), Maureen Stapleton (Big Mamma), Mary Peach (Mae), and Jack Hedley (Gooper).

"The Collection" stars: Laurence Olivier (Harry), Alan Bates (James), Malcolm McDowell (Bill), and Helen Mirren (Stella).

"Hindle wakes" stars: Donald Pleasence (Nat Jeffcote), Rosemary Leach (Mrs. Jeffcote), Jack Hedley (Chris Hawthorn), Pat Heywood (Mrs. Hawthorn), and Roy Dotrice (Sir Timothy).

"Come back, little Sheba" stars: Laurence Olivier (Doc), Joanne Woodward (Lola), Carrie Fisher (Marie), Patience Collier (Mrs. Coffman), and Nicholas Campbell (Turk).

"Saturday, Sunday, Monday" stars: Laurence Olivier (Antonio), Joan Plowright (Rosa), Frank Finlay (Peppino), and Edward Woodward (Luigi).

"Ebony Tower" stars: Laurence Olivier (Henry Breasley), Roger Rees (David Williams), Greta Scacchi (Mouse), and Toyah Willcox (Freak).

Granada TV, originally broadcast on television between 1976-1984.

3 videodiscs (509 min.)

Outstanding acting and production quality. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 44544-D -44546-D

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