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August 09, 2011

The gods come home

China's leap of faith
"After decades of Communist oppression and neglect, Buddhist temples are now thriving across China ... can far older spiritual traditions survive in such a rapidly evolving society? This program addresses those questions as it visits monasteries and temples in Shanghai and in rural, economically disadvantaged areas. Following the daily practices of a frugal and soft-spoken monk, the film also features wealthy, high-profile Buddhist officials and interviews China's Minister of Religious Affairs, who encourages Buddhism but frowns on folk religions."

The Chinese seems to view religions with a concerned eye. Most of the elders also are wary of joining or supporting the religions. The Chinese government and Buddhist monks have developed a certain amount of very profitable iconography mixing communism and Buddhism. Many Chinese are joining and donating causing the government to pay a little more attention to the religion's growth. On a side note religions have to register with the state and certain aspects are overseen by the state. The mix of Chinese government and Buddhism resembles to some degree American government and Christianity. ~Mike

Released in 2008

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