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October 18, 2011

La Zona

Alejandro lives in the center of Mexico City in an enclosed, self-sufficient zone surrounded by ghettos and policed by a powerful private security force. As dawn breaks on his birthday, three teens from the adjacent poorer neighborhood break into one of The Zone's houses. In the confusion, an old lady is killed, but a young housemaid escapes and warns the security guards. The guards shoot two of the robbers, but the third escapes and remains hidden inside The Zone. The Zone's residents meet at Alejandro's family's house to discuss what to do. After a heated debate, they decide not to report the crime to the police and to hunt the burglars down themselves.

This film offers no way out for the residents, victims or the audience. The point is made about isolation, paranoia and corruption.
It should be viewed as a warning for those who wish to isolate themselves from the population, those who want to gain access for theft and the brutality of corruption. How much are you willing to give up for "security"? Only a few characters in this film are not compromised and they must live in a world of no justice only fear. ~Mike
Askwith Media Library 55964-D 93 minutes 2007

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