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October 18, 2011

Racism: A History

The Colour of Money: Colonialism and the Slave Trade
Reaching back across the centuries, this program sheds light on historical attitudes toward human differences. It assesses the significance of biblical narratives, including the "curse of Ham", in the evolution of European concepts of race, and goes on to examine the basis of institutionalized racism - entwined with fervent capitalism - on which the transatlantic slave trade operated. The destruction of America's indigenous civilizations and the dehumanization and exploitation of Africans are studied alongside the writings of Enlightenment philosophers and historians. Includes commentary by Dr. Orlando Patterson, Dr. Barnor Hesse, and Professor James Walvin.

For a modern society living under the shadow of colonialism, racism and slavery: The history cannot be changed but can the knowledge of it help society to overcome this horrible past? ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 50563-D 53 minutes 2007

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