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December 14, 2011

Columbus Day Legacy

"Since 1992, the Denver Italian-American community has proudly and publicly celebrated Columbus Day with a revived parade-- long a part of the city's history -- much to the dismay of the local American Indian Movement chapter who are equally determined to vilify the man credited with 'discovering' America. The history of this annual parade is peppered with both verbal and physical violence, challenging ideas of political correctness and freedom of assembly. Both the Italian and Native Americans are strong, vibrant, tight-knit communities, a point conveyed by the film as it uncovers conflicting notions of the freedom of speech, the interpretation of history and what it means to be an American".

Pride has a way of undermining the common sense of most people. This film shows the pride that the children of Italian immigrants have for their new country. Most of us come from immigrants and we should be aware of and in some cases raise the flag to demonstrate our happiness for the opportunities that were provided as our ancestors acclimated to the new country. Many of the immigrants upon arrival to this country had to deal with intolerance, bigotry and racism. It was a long struggle to get to the point of assimilation and to enjoy the benefits offered. As children of immigrants we cannot and should not ignore the suffering and the impact of our arrival on the indigenous peoples. To truly enjoy the spirit of "America" we must understand and respect all people who now live in this country. ~Mike
"A film by Bennie Klain."
U. Michigan performance rights obtained.

Askwith Media Library 55598-D 60 minutes 1992 (2011)

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