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December 05, 2011

Lethal Landscapes: Canvases of the Combat Artist

"Soldier specialists are still trained to paint, sketch and draw the intense moments of battle, as well as record the more mundane moments of day-to-day military life. At the Defense Information School (DINFOS) located at Fort Meade, Maryland, soldiers learn to apply observation and a keen eye for detail to create realistic, moving compositions that accurately reflect a soldiers life. Lethal Landscapes introduces several combat artists, including retired and active duty service members who talk about their poignant experiences in a number of conflicts, including Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And hear firsthand from a female Marine artist, who, after graduating from DINFOS, went to Iraq to capture on canvas what our troops were experiencing there. In the course of her tour, she had to put down her sketch pad and return fire."

Interviews and discussions of this little known part of the armed forces. ~Mike

Askwith Media Libray 53626-D 30 minutes 2007

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