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January 11, 2012

Nanjing! Nanjing!

In 1937, Japanese army has just captured the capital of the China, Nanjing. What followed was known as the Nanking Massacre, or the Rape of Nanking, a period of several weeks wherein tens of thousands of Chinese were killed. The film tells the story of several figures, both historical and fictional, including a Chinese soldier, a schoolteacher, a Japanese soldier, a foreign missionary, and John Rabe, a Nazi businessman who would ultimately save thousands of Chinese civilians.

Most of us have seen the images and documentaries of the Rape of Nanking. Seeing this dramatic portrayal adds a deeper understanding to the suffering of the Chinese and the other countries invaded by Japan before the West’s involvement in what became World War Two. It is a testament to Man's cruelty to man. This is the most barbaric and feared outcome of state sponsored groupthink and control. How people can treat each other so horribly is the plague of war. Greater and lesser examples are humanities' scandalous history. We have seen Abu-garab, Rwanda, Pinochet, Vietnam, Stalin, Hitler, the Japanese atrocities, Mao and his cultural revolutions and the list goes on, this history will be a portion of human legacy. Humanity is becoming a less violent species, even though it may not look that way. Humans are becoming less violent. We must be conscious of our legacy and do all we can to understand our past in order to change our future.
This film was shot in color and de-saturated in post production. It has a hard black and white look, although the impression of color is there. The film has had its share of problems it almost wasn't made and it was pulled by the Chinese government from the film festivals however it has made its way to a worldwide audience and even though it is very painful it should be viewed. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 52858-D 127 minute 2009

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