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January 11, 2012

Writing Desire

"... a video essay on the new dream screen of the Internet and how it impacts on the global circulation of women's bodies from the Third world to the first world. Although under-age Philippine 'pen pals' and post-Soviet mail-order brides have been part of the transnational exchange of sex in the post-colonial and post-Cold War marketplace of desire before the digital age, the Internet has accelerated these transactions. Biemann provides her viewers with a thoughtful meditation on the obvious political, economic and gender inequalities of these exchanges by simulating the gaze of the Internet shopper looking for the imagined docile, traditional, pre-feminist, but Web-savvy mate. WRITING DESIRE delights in implicating the viewer in the new voyeurism and sexual consumerism of the Web. However, it never fails to challenge pat assumptions about the impossibility for resistance and the absolute victimization of women who dare to venture out of the third world and onto the Internet to look for that very obscure object of desire promised by the men of the West. This tape will promote lively discussion on Third world women, the sex industry, mail order brides, racism and feminist backlashes in the West, and on women's sexuality, desire, and new technologies."--Publisher's website.

The aesthetic feel of this documentary is that of a dream or stream of conscious. It almost provides the feeling of surfing the internet with a mixture of text, images and voice over. There are many online sites for contacting women from all around the world for marriage, sex and or companionship, most of which only takes place online. The cultural clash is not experienced through the computer only when the couple prepares to meet. The DVD was released in 2001 and due to the prevalence of the internet some of the "Third World" considerations may not apply today. Women not of the "western culture" may see using this as a way to increase their financial standing, provide a way out of poverty or were sold, as young girls often are, to a person who is more a pimp than anything else. Promising money is more of a trap than a way out of their current situation. In some of the countries where the women are from pornography is illegal and they risk imprisonment or worse. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 51337-D 2001 26 minutes

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