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February 01, 2012

The illustrated man

A man's intricate tattoos are the settings for an anthology of strange science-fiction stories.

Rod Steiger plays the part of a man whose tattoos hold a dark glimpse into the future. Once you stare, you cannot back away and you want to see more. Based on Ray Bradbury's “The illustrated man”.
When Mr. Steiger is in a film you can be assured that it will be dramatic and sometimes uncomfortable. He usually takes on very tough roles. He was certainly an actor who stretched the limits of his ability. This part is no exception. This is an outstanding, little known treasure at the Askwith. The screenplay is one of the best
adaptations of a Bradbury book. Jack Smight directed and Howard B. Kreitsek wrote the screenplay. Upon further research it looks like the book is being made into a film for 2013 release. Will it hold up against Steiger's interpretation? ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 54726-D 103 minutes released in 1969 and DVD issued 2006.

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