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February 01, 2012

This is England

School is out for the summer and twelve-year-old Shaun is about to find a dangerous new group of friends. Having lost his father in the Fakland War, life has been lonely in this grim coastal town in northern England. But when Shaun meets the local skinheads, their companionship, and even their violence, appeal to Shaun's hurt and rage. Combo is an older volatile skinhead whom Shaun finds to be like a big brother and under his leadership, the gang and young Shawn will arrive at an irreversible act of violence.

At first glance you may thing this is just another film providing gratuitous violence around the urban decay in England. It does have some of these elements however it says much more about manipulation and shattered dreams. It is an insightful lesson into a part of society where hope no longer exists and the only thing to do is to get drunk and high. The innocence of the group is corrupted by the return of a older neighborhood boy who was in prison. He brings a new violent and political dimension to the situation. There is a strong lesson to be learned in this story. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 46615-D 98 minutes 2007

Thank you to the student who recommended this title.

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