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April 17, 2012

Into Eternity

"Into Eternity is the first feature documentary to explore the mind-boggling scientific and philosophical questions long-term nuclear waste storage poses. Structured as a message to future generations, the film focuses on the Onkalo underground waste repository now being built in Finland, one of the first nuclear waste storage facilities. Once the repository is full in about 100 years, it will be closed and sealed 'forever'."

Into Eternity is a horrible yet beautiful poetic discourse on the thoughts concerning the storage of spent nuclear materials. These materials are being buried deep into a desolate location of Finland. The location must be forgotten but always remembered, "Into Oblivion". This will be a place where no one can go for one hundred thousand years. How can you communicate this to future generations? Can we best anticipate the societal impact of such a discovery in the future? Mankind’s curiosity could certainly kill and destroy if this place is found by a unprepared future society. Can we depend on geological stability for that length of time? These questions are considered but cannot be answered. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 56972-D 2010
Includes TV version (58 min.), theatrical version (78 min.) and trailer.

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