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April 02, 2012

Nollywood Lady

Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima of Lagos, Nigeria is an impresario of showbiz and an impassioned spokeswoman for the thriving and innovative African film industry. She is "Nollywood Lady," an ex-lawyer, producer, filmmaker, and the founder and CEO of the influential African Academy of Motion Pictures. And she is reshaping the way Africans see themselves--and how the world sees Africans. Sharing her vision for transforming preconceptions about Africa and African images with filmmaker Dorothee Wenner, Anyiam-Fiberesima takes viewers on an all-access tour to film locations, markets, and sit-downs with Nollywood professionals in the vibrant production hub of Lagos.

The documentary depicts Nollywood as exciting, inventive and very local. The film industry in Nigeria is slowly getting off the ground and looking ahead to international distribution. The Askwith has quite a few Nollywood films along with African films. The films are usually very good dramatically though in some cases the production value isn't on par with main stream films. The films produced in Nigeria speak to local issues and larger global issues. If you want to see modern Africa without western interpretation Nollywood is a great place to begin. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 52509-D 52 minutes 2008

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