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April 02, 2012

Nothing Sacred

Hazel Flagg is the small-town girl who mistakenly believes she's dying of radium poisoning. Sensing a great human interest story, exploitative journalist Wally Cook brings Hazel to New York City and turns her into a media darling, but Wally's strategy takes a sudden turn when he starts having feelings for the vulnerable Hazel.

A fun and quirky comedy about greed, love and no character redemption; Hazel wants to leave her small town and being misdiagnosed by her doctor starts a series of events that take her to New York as the latest tragic public spectacle. She is not sick and it takes a team of 1930's stereotypical Germen specialists to diagnose her properly. Upon finding out this information the Newspaper, Governor and others scramble to save their jobs. Carole Lombard and Fredric March provide outstanding performances. The support case is from the A list of character actors. This is a classic “screwball comedy”. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library Blu-ray 57280-B and DVD 56651-D 73 minutes 1937

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