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June 21, 2012

Princess from the moon (The tale of Taketori)

After what looks to be a meteor crashes into a bamboo forest, a man finds the crash site and discovers an interesting shaped rock. The rock cracks open and a baby emerges, the child grows quickly, it is able to walk by the time it gets completely out of the "rock." The man takes the baby and the rock home and he and his wife decide to raise the baby as if it were their own. The rock turns out to be made out of the purest gold, raising the status of the man and wife. As questions mount they move away from the village. What seems to be a few short months the child has grown into a young woman. Dad thinks it's time to find a suitable husband. The adventure starts. This is a wonderful mythical tale from Japan and thoroughly enjoyable. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 57232-D Original release 1987 DVD 2002
PAL Region 2 format

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