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July 17, 2012

C'est pas Moi je le Jure! (It's not Me I Swear)

Leon is ten years old, has lots of problems and an overly fertile imagination. Of course, there is Mom and Dad who are always fighting, and those annoying neighbors who get to spend the summer at the beach. And then, there's Lea, the exasperating girl who's always right about everything. In the summer of 1968, when Mom decides to leave everything behind to start a new life in Greece, Leon is prepared to do anything to kill the pain. Destroy the neighbors' house, become a professional liar and even, why not, fall in love with Lea. Together, they will overcome the pain of growing up when you feel abandoned.
Special features (French only): Documentaire de tournage, capsules-bonus avec Antoine L'Écuyer, les auditions d' Antoine L'Écuyer, bandes-annonces.

Antoine L'Écuyer, Suzanne Clément, Daniel Brière, Catherine Faucher, Gabri|a Direction de la photographie, André Turpin ; musique originale, Patrick Watson.el Maillé.

A very insightful story of how children deal with abusive or distant parents. This is before "pop-culture" came to deal with childhood trauma. Children were left on their own to deal with adults who were too wrapped up in their lives to face and help their children. The film looks closely into Leon's life and we get a glimpse of Lea's life. Both children are outcasts since they respond badly to their parent’s bad behavior. The film is heartwarming, sad and based in reality to the reactions of children in complex situations.

Askwith Media Library 56733-D 110 minutes 2008

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