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July 17, 2012

There's Always Tomorrow

A successful toy manufacturer is highly rated at the factory but is ignored and bypassed at home by his wife and children. He sparks a relationship with an old flame but is soon found out by his son.

Special features: "Days with Sirk", a 61-minute documentary from 2008 featuring rare 1982 footage with Sirk ; original theatrical trailer ; original 1956 dialogue and continuity script (as an on-disc pdf) ; 40-p. booklet featuring an essay by Andrew Klevan, excerpts from a 1977 interview with Sirk, and rare production stills.

This film is perfect in its technical aspects; cinematography, script, pacing and editing. The outstanding quality of Sirk and the production crew take us to the time and family and do not release us until the credits roll. Sirk is the master of the melo-drama.
The story is a slap in the face of the spoiled youth of and wandering desires of men in America. As the drama unfolds our victims fall prey to situations they mostly developed in their minds, it takes Barbara Stanwyck's Norma Vale a strong independent woman to restore the family.
This film is as pertinent today as it was in 1956.

Askwith Media Library 52077-D 81 minutes 1056

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