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November 16, 2012

How to manage people through continuous change

"Change is no longer an event. Change is business as usual. Success today is dependent on keeping your work force engaged while your organization is constantly being turned upside down. Yet, employees are skeptical about committing to business strategies that are constantly being redefined. So how do you successfully implement a change initiative? By communicating to employees both the WIIFM benefits of your plan and the negative consequences for the viability of your team if they don't get onboard. She explains what it takes to go from "surviving change" to "thriving on change".
Lecturer, Carol Kinsey Goman. Taped live August 8, 2007 at Stanford University.
"U. Michigan Public Performance Rights obtained"

Mrs. Goman explains that the people within the organization are the most important part of any change. Information, follow up and honesty will provide a positive change atmosphere. She also helps us to realize that change is the new standard model for organizations. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 57471-D 52 minutes 2007

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