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February 11, 2013

The last days of Zeugma and Apamea

"This program captures the feverish work of the multinational rescue archaeology team that excavated low-lying areas of Zeugma and key portions of Apamea before inundation by the Birecik Dam, in Turkey".

The mosaics and architecture are amazing. The flooding of this area is truly a loss to mankind. The film asks: Since it was known for 2o years that this dam would flood the area and it would make all of the artifacts unreachable, why was such a short time allowed to investigate the site? This was a Middle Eastern society that was a central hub for trade early in our collective ancient history. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 58824-D 53 minutes

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The Green Hornet

The ultimate set for Green Hornet collectors. This special edition contains the two feature films: "The green hornet" (1974), and Fury of the dragon (1976) along with all 26 Green Hornet episodes from 1966-1967, and all 13 Green Hornet Serial episodes from 1940. It also contains a rare interview with Bruce Lee, a documentary on the "Black Beauty" car, classic Green Hornet Trailers, a bonus short film, and the two Batman/Greenhornet crossover episodes. All in all, over 22 hours of material spread out on 4 dual layer DVD-9 discs.
Disc 1. The Green Hornet (1974) -- Fury of the dragon (1976) -- Documentary "The Black Beauty" (2000, 14 min.) -- Rare interview with Bruce Lee.
Disc 2. Batman/Green Hornet crossover 1: "A piece of the action" - Batman/Green Hornet crossover 2: "Batman's satisfaction - Green Hornet pilot episode, "The silent gun" - Green Hornet short film [(2006)] - Green Hornet episodes (1966): The silent gun -Give 'em enough rope - Programmed for death - Crime wave -- The frog is a deadly weapon - Eat, drink and be dead - Beautiful dreamer, part 1 -Beautiful dreamer, part 2 - The ray is for killing.
Disc 3. Green Hornet episodes (1966-1967) ; The preying mantis - The hunters and the hunted - Deadline for death -- The secret of the Sally Bell - Freeway to death - The Hornet and the firefly - Seek, stalk and destroy - Corpse of the year, part 1 - Corpse of the year, part 2 - Ace in the hole - Bad bet on a 459-silent - Trouble for Prince Charming - Alias The Scarf - Hornet save thyself - Invasion from outer space, part 1 -- Invasion from outer space, part 2.
Disc 4. Green Hornet movie serial episodes (1940, b&w): The tunnel of terror - The thundering terror - Flying coffins - Pillar of flame - The time bomb - Highways of peril - Bridge of disaster - Dead or alive - The Hornet trapped - Bullets and ballots - Disaster rides the rails - Panic in the zoo - Doom of the underworld.

This is an outstanding collection for fans and those who might want to know more about the Green Hornet. The 1940s serials and movies are great but nothing can compare to the 1960s TV show with Bruce Lee. Mr Lee was truely amazing. He played this part as a serious character. There is a short interview with him where he demonstrates some of his moves. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 57587-D

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Masters of Russian animation.

A collection of award-winning animated short films by Russia's world-renowned directors and artists.
Films by Jove in association with Soyuzmultfilm.

There are four volumns to this series. The artwork and quality of the productions are outstanding. There is a mixture of stop motion, cartoons and live action mixed media. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 42899-D, 43635-d, 43636-D and 43637-D about 2 hours per disc.

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