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July 19, 2013

The Glass Key

Intricate mystery about a slightly corrupt politician, accused of murder, who solicits his right-hand man (Ladd) to hunt down the real killer. As he searches Ladd must endure a brutal beating from gangsters, the annoying hindrance of the police and the beguiling advances of his boss' fiancee.
Brian Donlevy, Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, William Bendix, Bonita Granville, Richard Denning, Joseph Calleia.

Outstanding performances by everyone. William Bendix just about steals the movie with his over the top portrayal of an extremely violent henchmen. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 56513-D 1942 Release
Released as part of a TMC DVD Collection "Dark Crimes" including Phantom Lady and The Blue Dahlia

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July 16, 2013


Presents proven and effective strategies and accommodations to help students with ADHD, learning disabilities and other related disorders become successful in classroom settings.

This is the best one I have seen so far.

Askwith Media Library 50446-D 2008

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ADHD in adults

This videotape contains interviews with adults who suffer from the disorder and describes symptoms. Russell Barkley details his new theory of ADHD, which explains why these adults have difficulty making adjustments in their lives.

Askwith Media Library 49742-D 1994

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Teach me different

Professor Smith demonstrates simple techniques used to guide learning disabled children to academic success.

Askwith Media Library 42616-D 2001

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The World of Chemistry

Journey through the exciting world of chemistry with Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann as your guide. The foundations of chemical structures and their behavior are explored through computer animation, demonstrations, and on-site footage at working industrial and research labs.
disc 1. 1. World of chemistry ; 2. Color ; 3. Measurement: the foundation of chemistry ; 4. Modeling the unseen ; 5. A matter of state ; 6. The atom ; 7. The periodic table ; 8. Chemical bonds -- disc 2. 9. Molecular architecture ; 10. Signals from within ; 11. The mole ; 12. Water ; 13. The driving forces ; 14. Molecules in action -- disc 3. 15. The busy electron ; 16. The proton in chemistry ; 17. The precious envelope ; 18. The chemistry of the earth ; 19. Metals ; 20. On the surface -- disc 4. 21. Carbon ; 22. The age of polymers ; 23. Proteins: structure and function ; 24. The genetic code ; 25. Chemistry and the environment ; 26. Futures.

Askwith Media Library 60110-D 1990

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The Intouchables

An irreverent, uplifting comedy about friendship, trust, and human possibility. Based on a true story of friendship between a handicapped millionaire and his street-smart ex-con caretaker, The Intouchables depicts an unlikely camaraderie rooted in honesty and humor between two individuals who, on the surface, would seem to have nothing in common.

Askwith Media Library 59673-D Release Date 2011

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Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, based on the story of a disfigured musical genius who lives under the Paris Opera House lives and uses music to win the love of a beautiful opera singer.

Askwith Media Library 58551-D Release Date 2012

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The story of math

Disc 1 - Episode 1 - The language of the universe, Episode 2 - The Genius of the East, Disc 2 - Episode 3 - The frontiers of space ; Episode 4 - To infinity and beyond ; Bonus disc - The Music of the primes.

Askwith Media Library 59954-D 2009

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Soul Kitchen

"Soul Kitchen" is Zinos Kazantsakis's restaurant in a working-class neighborhood of Hamburg. The food is mostly frozen, unceremoniously zapped in the microwave, or thrown into a vat of bubbling grease. He loves his restaurant and his girlfriend Nadine, even when she leaves him for an assignment in China. On a whim, Zinos hires an out-of-work three-star chef, lets his ex-con brother Ilias spin records, and soon Soul Kitchen is reborn as Hamburg's newest hot spot. There is also a slipped disc, a hard-drinking, chain-smoking waitress, a scheming real-estate developer, a Turkish "physio-healer," and a high stakes poker game in the mix. But the film is not about food, or love, but about family, life and human relationships, with a lingering nostalgia for a time when eating out implied getting dead drunk, stuffing one's face with cholesterol and kissing across the table.

Askwith Media Library 58936-D Release Date 2009

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A Song is Born

This hilarious and high-spirited musical stars Danny Kaye as a professor of high-brow music who inadvertently becomes involved with a sensual saloon singer (Virginia Mayo) and a crooked criminal gang.

Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo what more needs to be said.

Askwith Media Library 56444-D Release date 1947, DVD 2008

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Close Examination

Explores how science and technology has advanced art historical knowledge at the National Gallery in London since 1934 when a Scientific Department was first established at the Gallery.

Askwith Media Library 60550-D 2010 release

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