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August 26, 2013

Jealous of the Birds

After WWII some 15,000 survivors of the Holocaust remained in Germany, despite the tension and paranoia of living in the society of their persecutors. Among them were my grandparents. How could they stay?

"Jealous of the Birds reminds us that the choices of the past create legacies that play out across families, nations, cultures and generations."

This film speaks not only to the Holocaust survivors and German citizens, hard to say without getting upset. Survivors are in most cases citizens of Germany and thousands returned to live in Germany for various reasons after leaving the camps. This film speaks to reconciliation, forgiveness, regret and also the opposite; no forgiveness, no reconciliation. It leads to an understanding of the point of view of the victims and that most German citizens will never overcome the shame and dishonor they participated in or are beneficiaries of. The atrocities will last generations. In most cases they will not be forgotten or forgiven.
This is very poignant while in American society the white population tries to understand and make better the lives of those enslaved and those whose land was stolen. After many generations most white Americans cannot fathom the issue of slavery and certainly cannot understand the continuing pain of the African American community. This film offers some insight to the persistence of pain. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 60618-D Released in 2011 78 minutes

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