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August 19, 2013

The Electric Valley

Tennessee Valley Authority -- TVA -- was a project like no other, and after more than a half-century, continues to shape life in the South. The Electric Valley is the first independent film to tell the story of TVA, a tale of one of the most interesting, controversial federal agencies ever created. In 1933 TVA was given the broadest possible mission: to tame the forces of nature, create cheap energy, and produce a lasting prosperity in the Depression-wracked Tennessee Valley, a region the size of Great Britain. For better or worse, it touched peoples' lives in innumerable ways. The film is both political parable and human drama, a narrative journey through fifty years of American history with this controversial institution as its focus. It explores both the issues and the people who give these issues power and poignancy. Indeed, The Electric Valley puts a human face on one of the most remarkable institutions of our time.

A very indepth look at the Tennessee Valley Authority's start up and operation. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 54459-D Released in 1983 90 minutes

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