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September 13, 2013

Mythos with Joseph Campbell

Excerpts from Joseph Campbell's last lecture series before his death illustrate his theory of the origin, purpose and history of myth and mythology. In Psyche and symbol, Joseph Campbell explains the universal themes that operate in all people and cultures that link us together. In The Spirit land, he explores how, for the American Indian, myths served to awaken in them a mystery of life and provided them with the rituals to prepare them for the obstacles of the real world. In On being human, he |a discusses the characteristics we share in common with the animal world, and the point where animal behavior ends and human behavior begins. In From goddesses to god, he explores the connections between ancient societies and the origins of the Western Judeo-Christian tradition. In The Mystical life, Joseph Campbell uses texts and artifacts from the ancient mystery religions of Greece to reveal the unbroken connection between these religions and those of the West. In The Inward path, he explains the core |a ideas at the heart of the Eastern traditions and how it is realized in Hinduism and Buddhism, the concept of Nirvana and sets the stage for the arrival of the Buddha. In The Enlightened one, he explains the difference between the two principal types of Buddhism - Theraveda (Hinayana) and Mahayana. He also compares Buddhism with Taoism and Confucianism. In Our eternal selves, he demonstrates how the Eastern way of perceiving consciousness is radically different from how it is perceived in the West. In |a The Way to illumination, Joseph Campbell explains the full chakra system of Kundalini Yoga and makes comparisons with modern Western psychology and Christian concepts. In The Experience of God, he demonstrates how Tibetan Buddhists turn the ritual experience of death into a spiritual exercise.

Joseph Campbell is one of my heroes. His insight and knowledge is amazing. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 33947-D -33949-D Released in 1996 and 1997
3 videodiscs 600 minutes

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