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October 18, 2013

K-20 Fiend with twenty faces

Heikichi Endō is a circus acrobat who is deceived by K-20 and is set up to take the fall for the phantom thief. Using his incredible physical dexterity, Heikichi wages war against K-20 in order to clear his name, fighting alongside K-20's next wealthy target, Duchess Yōko Hashiba, and her fiance, brilliant detective Kogorō Akechi. But what is the ultimate decision Heikichi has to make?
Kaneshiro Takeshi, Matsu Takako, Nakamura Tōru, Kunimura Jun, Takashima Reiko, Hongō Kanata, Masumura Tōru.
Japanese dialogue with optional English subtitles.
Special features: original and English trailers; Viz Pictures presents.

A fun film initially about mistaken identity and then... Also very "steam punk" in design. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 61833-D Released in 2008 137 minutes

Posted by mcmike at October 18, 2013 12:03 PM


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