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October 22, 2013

The Late Mathias Pascal (Blu-ray)

"Matthias, an eccentric dreamer, is trapped to the undertakings of dialy life as he suffers his days in a loveless marraige, a dead end job and tyrannized by his ungrateful mother-in-law. Grief-stricken by the sudden death of his mother and infant daughter, Mathias flees to Monte Carlo, where a run of luck at roulette wins him a fortune. in the second half of the film, after his death is falsely reported, he leaps at the chance of asecond and adventurous life in Rome."
Ivan Mosjoukine, Marcelle Pradort, Loïs Moran, Jean Hervé, Michel Simon, Pierre Batcheff, Pauline Carton.
Music by Timothy Brock.

This is a beautifully restored film and also a nice movie. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 61785-B Original release 1926 Restored release 2013

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