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October 01, 2013

The Liquidator

Boysie Oakes, Agent L, enjoys the swinging-London lifestyle perks that come with espionage but would rather not engaage in the squeamish business of killing, so he heires a professional hitman for that part of the job. But, events soon plunge Agent L into situations that require him to become a hero in spite of himself.
Rod Taylor, Trevor Howard, Jill St. John, Wilfrid Hyde-White, David Tomlinson, Akim Tamiroff, Eric Sykes, Gabriella Licudi.

An outstanding Bond-esque film. Starts in black and white and after the opening credits is in color. The film's technical aspects are outstanding under the direction of technicolor master Jack Cardiff. There are very recognizable actors which make this film all the more fun. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 61630-D Released in 1965 104 minutes

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