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October 22, 2013

The Lost City

After a series of electrical storms disrupt the world, electrical engineer Bruce Gordon develops a machine to trace the cause of the disasters. He discovers that the source is in central Africa and, backed by the nations of the world, sets out on an expedition. Our hero soon learns that the disturbances emanate from an area called the Magnetic Mountain. But unknown to our hero, the Magnetic Mountain also contains a secret city ruled by a scientific wizard named Zolok, who has unleashed the electrical fury threatening civilization as part of his plan to conquer the world. A 12 chapter serial.
Living dead men -- Tunnel of death -- Dagger rock -- Doomed -- Tiger prey -- Human beasts -- Spider men -- Human targets -- Jungle vengeance -- The lion pit -- Death ray -- The mad scientist.
Kane Richmond, William "Stage" Boyd, Claudia Dell, Josef Swickard, George Hayes, Eddie Fetherstone.
Produced by Sherman S. Krellberg. Directed by Harry Revier
An amazing series from 1935. I can imagine kids watching these films on Saturday afternoon, spending the whole day in the theater.
A series of trailors for other serials is on this disc, almost as much fun as the movie. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 61761-D Original release 1935 DVD release 2006 265 minutes

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