April 03, 2012

The mindscape of Alan Moore

We begin with Moore's childhood background, and follow the evolution of his career as he transformed the comics medium, through to his immersion in a magical worldview where science, spirituality, and society are part of the same universe.
Bonus features: featurette, interviews with director, composer and special make-up FX artist, selected scene analysis with director's commentary, trailers (202 min.)
Extra features: "Making of" featurette -- Interviews with director, composer, and special make-up FX artist -- Selected scene analysis with director's commentary -- Trailers.

Alan Moore is well known for the graphic novel V for Vendetta, The Watchmen and others. I was not at all familiar with Mr. Moore, although I did like the movies and I am a fan of graphic novels. This interview gives us access to his insight of growing up in industrial England, his philosophy and his social/political views. He is a well spoken person. I found his views engaging and his opinions outstanding. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 52596-D 78 minutes plus special features 2008

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November 08, 2011

Bill Moyers Journal. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright speaks out

In this program, Bill Moyers interviews the Reverend Jeremiah Wright -Senator Barack Obama's pastor - in his first broadcast interview since he became embroiled in controversy over decontextualized sermon excerpts appearing in the media. Offering a full view of the man and his ministry, the Journal chronicles Dr. Wright's career; goes inside his church, the Trinity United Church of Christ; and gets his take on black liberation theology and the sermons at the center of the media firestorm.

Reverend Wright is a great man. You cannot help but understand and sometimes agree with his point of view. Do not judge by soundbites alone. Watch the interview and make your decision. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 48759-D 58 minutes
Episode originally broadcast April 25, 2008.

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