October 22, 2013

The Late Mathias Pascal (Blu-ray)

"Matthias, an eccentric dreamer, is trapped to the undertakings of dialy life as he suffers his days in a loveless marraige, a dead end job and tyrannized by his ungrateful mother-in-law. Grief-stricken by the sudden death of his mother and infant daughter, Mathias flees to Monte Carlo, where a run of luck at roulette wins him a fortune. in the second half of the film, after his death is falsely reported, he leaps at the chance of asecond and adventurous life in Rome."
Ivan Mosjoukine, Marcelle Pradort, Loïs Moran, Jean Hervé, Michel Simon, Pierre Batcheff, Pauline Carton.
Music by Timothy Brock.

This is a beautifully restored film and also a nice movie. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 61785-B Original release 1926 Restored release 2013

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April 07, 2011

Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler

Lang's first film featuring the arch-criminal Dr. Mabuse is also an allegory about Weimar Germany. Mabuse maintains his wealth through counterfeiting, manipulating the stock exchange and his ability to bend weaker minds to his will. In part one Mabuse builds his empire, and casually ruins Count Told while entrancing the thrill-seeking Countess. In part 2 Mabuse turns from criminal to villain, murdering the Count and kidnapping the Countess. Mabuse is finally captured in his own hideaway, consumed by Madness.

Pt. 1. The great gambler [Der Grosse Spieler] -- pt. 2. Inferno.

Excellent. ~Mike

Released in 1922

Askwith Media Library 33167-D 229 minutes

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March 28, 2011


"Based on the phenomenally popular French pulp novellas, Loius Feuillade's outrageous, ambitious Fantômas series became the gold standard of espionage serials in pre-WWI Europe, and laid the foundation for such immortal works as Feuillade's own Les Vampires and Fritz Lang's Dr. Mabuse films. René Navarre stars as the criminal lord of Paris, the master of disguise, the creeping assassin in black: Fantômas. Over the course of five feature films, Fantômas, along with his accomplices and mistresses, are pursued by the equally resourceful Inspector Juve and his friend, journalist Jerôme Fandor."

This has to be the greatest silent film series I have ever seen. ~Mke

Released in 1913 (Present DVD series released in 2010)

Askwith Media Library 54205-D 337 minutes

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April 07, 2010

Miss Mend

An action-packed adventure serial in three feature-length episodes, produced in Russia with the goal of rivaling, and possibly even surpassing, the most entertaining American movies of the 1920s. Instead of the avant-garde works of Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov, Russian audiences were enchanted by fast-moving American films starring serial queens like Pearl White, swashbuckling heroes like Douglas Fairbanks, and comedians from the Keystone Cops to Lloyd, Keaton and Chaplin. Based on a 1923 pulp novel allegedly written by the American "Jim Dollar" (actually the nom-de-plume of a Russian woman, Marietta Shaginian). The film's heroine, Vivian Mend, is an elegant urban professional who earns her own living and raises a child without the help of any man. Includes some pointed comments on labor relations, racism, excessive wealth, gratuitous violence and even rape.

Fantastic shot composition and film quality. Disc two special features include a behind-the-scenes discussion with music composer Robert Israel. ~Fantastic!

Askwith Media Library 51210-D

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March 31, 2010

Back to God's Country / Something New

Back to God's country: Renee is a beautiful young wife trapped on an ice-bound ship. Captain Blake, a murderous fugitive, will stop at nothing to have his way with her. With only the help of a ferocious dog named Wapi, she must stave off his advances and escape with her severely wounded husband to safety. Something new: A Western where the hero comes to the rescue of the kidnapped girl in a 1920 Maxwell sedan. Chased by bandits on horseback across rocky terrain, they survive some of the most amazing (and real) stunts ever attempted in a roadster.

Askwith Media Library 33885-D

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