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June 28, 2010

Mapping Resorces

Mapping from the Census Bureau website
This is a short description of how to make maps using the Census Bureau website. It requires no GIS skills or software. All of the tools reside on the Census Bureau site. The drawback is the limited flexibility on being able to find a table and/or geography that meets the users' needs.

Social Explorer
This site provides easy access to interactive maps based on census data. One is limited to the items they make available, particularly if you use the "free" version. Many universities have subscriptions to the full service.

CensusScope provides access to charts & trends, maps, rankings, and segregation scores based on Census 2000 data (and soon to be Census 2010 and ACS products). For the most part, the maps are at the state or county level, not lower levels of geography like census tracts.

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