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July 04, 2010

ACS 2008: Questions and Questionnaires

Subjects Planned for the 2010 Census and the ACS
This document provides the justification for the items included in the 2010 Census (short-form) and the ACS (long-form). It includes proposed new subjects, as well as the subjects that will be dropped because it is no longer required by federal agencies.

New Questions and Modifications in the ACS (2009)
Information for each of the new questions that were added to the 2009 ACS: health insurance coverage, Bachelor's field of degree, disability, marital history, and other new tables. Additionally, modifications were performed on food stamps tables and other tables.

Question by Question Fact Sheets
The fact sheets have ACS question(s), how long the question has been in use, a description of how the federal government uses the data and how those uses translate into community benefits.

ACS Questionnaires
On this page are examples of the current materials mailed to the sample addresses in the housing unit (HU) sample, and examples of the current materials used in the group quarters (GQ) interviewing. Also included are the HU and GQ questionnaires from prior years, and summary documents showing the changes in the questionnaires from year to year.

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