July 02, 2010

Class Exercises (Monday)

American FactFinder Exercises
[Summary data]
Introduction to American FactFinder
Unusual Poverty HotSpots
Not Ready for Prime Time: zip codes and census tracts
Not Ready for Prime Time: bulk downloads of zip code data
Dealing with Delays: What to do with a 2011 Release of Zip code data

"College town 'poverty' exposed: Low-income students help win grant money"
Stephen Koff and Bill Sloat | Cleveland Plain Dealer
September 17, 2006

Data from the Summary File Exercises
Poverty rates for places [Excel]
Vacancy data for Cleveland census tracts (Census 2000) [Excel]
Median Income for zip codes (Census 2000) [Excel]

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July 01, 2010

Class Exercises (Tuesday & Wednesday)

PDQ-Explore Exercises

Using the ACS, 2008
Using several years of the ACS
Who has Health Insurance Coverage?
Using PDQ-Explore to Examine Newsworthy Issues
Complex Queries Using "Pointer" items
Using the Current Population Survey

Additional PDQ-Explore Examples
Using data from Census 2000
Using ACS and Census data
Looking at change over time

Additional Resources for PDQ-Explore

Indexing for Cost of Living
Variable Names across the Census, CPS, and IPUMS

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June 29, 2010

Class Exercises ( Wednesday)

IPUMS-USA website

Guide to Variables
Selected variables from IPUMS with PUMS, ACS, and CPS equivalent names

Register to use IPUMS

(required for making an extract)

Instructions for using the IPUMS Data Extraction System

Instructions for opening data on PC

Making an Extract of the ACS 3-year data from IPUMS
[ppt] [pdf]

(not zipped)

SAS program
Stata program SPSS program

FAQ on 3-year ACS data

Note about income items in 3-year data

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