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March 15, 2007

Appraisal Plan

First, a few links. A blog entry about archiving GIS databases, which is not what we're doing but worth thinking about as we move forward. I know nothing about the authority of this blog, other than that this is an interesting entry.

Here are some resources about GIS and Geospatial Data Preservation, from the same blog.

Strictly speaking (and okay, I haven't had a chance to look at the data yet) we're not dealing with GIS databases so most of this information is less useful for our current task. We're taking the scribblings and half-baked documents from a few design workshops and trying to figure out what will be salvageable to put into our visual browser.

There may be so little data that we can feel free to hand-appraise this, but I'm not sure. We're talking about years of workshops, and I have absolutely no trust in the creators' record-keeping systems. Their conventions may not be useful and may not be followed thuroughly. We also need to think about how useful some of this will be. Do we want photos if they aren't geo-tagged? What do we do with previous design ideas and how do we categorize them?

::Timewarp:: It's now 4:16 and I'm looking at the Charette data. Jen and I have made a list of what we do and don't want, as we go through and appraise this data.

We DO want:
Site photos (even if not geotagged)
Technical notes
Anything produced by the charette (CAD, drawings, presentations, final productions [charette books], et al.)*
Administrative documents (Doug Kelbaugh or Eric Duweuke or past coordinators)

We DON'T want:
Census data, unless modified
Drafts of documents

This list is subject to change!

*a side note -- geotagging presentations would probably come in version 2.0, and would be represented by a polygon encompassing the scope of the presentation.

More to come this weekend as I flesh out the appraisal plan and start junking material.

Posted by cmaureen at March 15, 2007 11:48 AM


I also don't think that it makes sense to keep research documents -- for instance, web pages, documents pointing to research help.

There are also some .exe files, one leading to a program called AnimateIt and the other unnamed. I would guess that these can go too.

Posted by: cmaureen at March 19, 2007 02:25 PM

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