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March 19, 2007

Getting Hairy

How do we identify a draft? Should we not be keeping psd, ai, and other files? How do we know if these are drafts? How do we define finished products? How do we know when a psd document is an image that exists elsewhere or just a half-baked project?

Let's all take a big, deep breath as we remind ourselves of our appraisal criteria.

We want things that can go into the visual browser. This means images, charette presentations or publications, and technical notes.

Which brings us to my:

Questionable Content List
.exe files
news articles
documents leading to research materials
external reports
camera manuals (wtf)
illustrator files
photoshop files
.apr (ArcView Project File) files
excel spreadsheets

I'm going to go think about these. I'll be back at five.

ETA: It's five and I'm still not sure about these. My instinct (and this is very un-archival.. no-no) is to convert all psd documents into jpgs, trash the psds and be done with it. But is there content in the layer data that would be useful? Even if there is, how could that possibly utilized in the visual browser?

Posted by cmaureen at March 19, 2007 02:37 PM


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