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March 22, 2007

Getting stuff into Google Earth

I spent this morning working on a little script that will take a bounding box and list of shape files and then plop all the data into a file called Visbrow.kml ready for download. Each shape file has its own folder within the KML and all the shapefile data is put into the description field for each individual item.
The handy little script is here: localhost/visbrow/v1/2kml.php
An example URL would be this: localhost/visbrow/v1/2kml.php?shapes=historic_point,parcels&bounds=-83.057637,42.333508,-83.044763,42.3420922 which would get you a kml file with all the parcel and historic_point shape file data (each in their own folder) for that bounding box. But, once again, you have to be logged in as Jen and run the XAMPP webserver to use it. When is our live machine going to be available??

Current plan of attack:

  1. Integrate the 2kml into the visbrowser so users can download stuff with a button click
  2. build web version of the data dictionary
  3. integrate web data dictionary with visual browser so users can select desired fields for download into their kml file. Come to think of it, I could even let them name the kml file.
Questions, comments, or concerns about this list?

Posted by shawse at March 22, 2007 12:38 PM


sorry, the example link has most of the bounding box text cut off... but hopefully you get the idea.

Posted by: shawse at March 22, 2007 12:58 PM

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