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April 20, 2007

Data Dictionary Integration & Uploading

The two items listed in the title are very different projects, but are both vital for this project.

The data dictionary has now been integrated into version .5 ! You will now be presented with a button to show/hide a list of attributes that the data dictionary associates with that shape file. You may then check which attributes you want and click the "Get Selected in KML" to have the site generate a KML file for the given boundries and selected attributes.

We now have an upload page that allows users to submit their own files to the browser. A user must provide their name, team, a password ('password'), a file, and a title for the file. Additionally they may enter a latitude, longitude coordinate pair, or an address. If neither lat/lon nor address are provided we will automatically assign the file the polygon matching their team. For lat/lon, we make sure that the coordinates are atleast within a reasonable range of Detroit. The address is graciously geocoded for free by geocoder.us. These entries will be shown on the visual browser in a shapefile block called Usersub. If we add usersub to the data dictionary then a more appropriate title can be displayed. One problem is that for some unknown reason we can't upload files yet. Once we can do that we can also generate links to the files for download. Yeah!

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