January 16, 2007

Meeting Notes for 1.15.07

From DFE

At Monday's meeting, we established a project timeline that leads us through the charette (now a week and a half away -- ahh!) and to our final deliverable, a visual browser/navigator.

This week, we plan to think/work through three subtasks:

1. describing and organizing existing charette data
2. interviewing represenatives from the charette
3. fashioning some form of data orientation for charette participants

For the first task, we will go through each of the existing charette files and note the following on an excel spreadsheet that currently exists in the charette folder:
- a brief description of what this file contains
- the scope of the file (is this a note or a report? is this a segment of a building or a map of the state?)
- if a shape file, it should be opened in ARC and its attributes should be noted
- [my notes fail me here] note in/completeness of dbf headers
- if the file is named poorly (e.g. duuuuuuude.pdf or FINISHED.jpg) suggest a more descriptive name

For the second task, we discussed interviewing Jennifer, the IT guy (Bill?), studio advisors and previous student participants. We wanted to remember to ask the IT guy (let's call him Bill) about what equiptment will be brought to the charette, whether participants will have a wireless connection, and what kind of software participants will have access to. We also had a question about CAD files (their existence?). We want to get our hands on the books from previous charettes, as well.

For the third task, the data orientation, we want to make sure that we have a google earth flyover ready for participants. We also need to think about how to present the resources that represent points 3.1-3.5 on our lists -- even if we just provide a list of links, we should think about how to explain each tool's features and weaknesses at a glance (perhaps a table?).

We also discussed dates for putting together our visual browser, which I will post on our shared google calendar.

See you Thursday!

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