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November 18, 2008

SurveyMonkey - FAQ

Hello Volunteers.

Several questions have arisen regarding using SurveyMonkey to enter our evaluations data. This is a new tool for us as well and the problems you have encountered helped us to revise the procedure of entering the data. (Thank you for your patience). Please use the following guidelines when entering data. And, please let me know if any additional questions or problems arise.

1. From now on we will number each evaluation prior to entering the data. This will help us to find the specific evaluation when we review the data collection. Lori will number the evaluations before she gives it to you to enter. From our user account we have the ability to browse the evaluations so we will be able to track and find them if necessary.

2. If the user does not provide an answer, just skip to the next question. SurveyMonkey will keep track of the skipped answers. Please do not enter NA for no answer; instead, leave blank and proceed to the next question.

3. If you have begun to enter a survey, and you are puzzled as to how to enter the data, please indicate it on the form and flag it. The numbers we put on the evaluation (see bullet point 1 above) will enable us find it in the online system so we can fix it. Please give Lori or Ruti all the survey sheets with questions – they will input these sheets.

As always, thank you for all your great help.


Posted by monti at November 18, 2008 01:46 PM


thought I would try this. I re-entered the inpatients today. Fun to read the comments. This has made many patients very happy!

Posted by: ssbowers at November 18, 2008 04:42 PM

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