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November 19, 2008

Your new UMHS uniquename

Hello Volunteers -

Recently I forwarded to you two emails: one with your new UMHS uniquename, and the other with the passwords that were assigned to you. When you are at the PERC, please follow the instructions to change the assigned password to your personal and confidential password.

Please make sure never to give your password to ANYONE. The University of Michigan Health Systems will take disciplinary action, including dismissal, against anyone who permits:

-The improper use of his/her sign-on.
-The inappropriate dissemination of confidential information.

How to change your password: Click On the 'set of keys' icon to the right of the Start button which is located on your workstation's tool bar.

Your new access will enable you to search the PERC Communication Blog from anywhere in the world! Right now the blog is available on the open Internet at http://mblog.lib.umich.edu/PERC/; however, if you try to search it, it asks for a user name and password. Please bookmark the blog on your computer so you can keep up with changes at the PERC when you are away for any length of time, ie. vacation, illness, etc.

The new access will also enable you to access the new PERC Intranet site. We are in the process of uploading the Resource Book contents on to a website. This should make working at the PERC much easier. Details will follow.


Posted by monti at November 19, 2008 01:14 PM


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