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January 05, 2009

Changes to chemotherapy folder requests procedure

Dear volunteers,

As of now, it will not longer be possible to FedEx the chemotherapy folders that patients call us to request. The packets will mailed via US Mail. Since US Mail delivery takes at least 5 days, it does not make sense to mail the packets to patients who have appointments less than a week away from the date they called.https://sitemaker.umich.edu/percintranet/chemo_information_packets

When Patients ask for chemo folders please ask them when their appointment is. If it is less than a week away please tell them that they will recieve the folder during their visit. Please also ask them for the name of their doctor. This will help us improve the distribution of the folders. Please write on the fax the name of the patient and the doctor and just indicate that the appointment is less than a week away and fax to Melissa.

If the appointment is more than a week away please continue to do the same thing we have been doing up until now i.e: fill out the form and fax to Melissa.

Please note more specific instruction on the PERC Intranet.



Posted by rvolk at January 5, 2009 02:06 PM


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