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January 22, 2009

EOS update

Dear Volunteers,
Thanks to your hard work we now have all out materials in the new system - accept for the newsletter articles. These records are residing in the temporary Bibliographic Review file. We need to make some changes to the records before they can be moved over to the permanenet Bibliographic File.
(Materials in the Bibliographic Review do not show up when searching the OPAC - the public catalog).

Please start using the catalog when you search. It has links to a range of online hard-to-find materials. We will be adding more materials after we finish migrating the old Spectrum catalog into the new EOS system.



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January 20, 2009

Preparing expert search packets

Dear Volunteers,

Please help Lori and me by preparing the expert search packet - the cover letter, evaluation, self-addressed and large envelopes - before you even begin searching.

After you prepare the packets you may start searching and adding materials for review.

When the packets are not prepared in advance by the volunteers, it adds another step to the process and causes a delay in sending the search to the patient. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.


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January 19, 2009

Material Check-In Procedure

Hello Volunteers.

As you know, a new catalog system called EOS has been installed at the PERC. We are currently transitioning to the new system; however, until all materials checked out on the old system (Spectrum) have been returned, we will need to be very careful when checking materials in. Until further notice, start by the scanning the material in through Spectrum like we always have. Check the screen, if it says that the material is already in that means it has been checked out on EOS.

This is how you check in a material on EOS:

1. Open the EOS staff mode page
2. Enter the user name and password
2. Point your curser on "Circulation" and click on "Checkin:.
4. Enter the five digit material number in the text-box and click checkin button.

You may also use the scanner instead of typing in the material number.

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Welcome Maxine Solvay and Lindsey Jennings

Hello Volunteers.

I am delighted to announce the addition of two volunteers to the PERC -- Maxine Solvay and Lindsey Jennings.

Many of you may know Maxine; she is a 2007 retiree of the University. After taking some time off to travel, Maxine has become a member of our PERC volunteers. Maxine's shift is Wednesday afternoons.

Lindsey may also be familiar to many of you; she was one of our original iPod Squad volunteers. Lindsey will be volunteering Tuesday afternoons until her graduation in April. In addition, she will continue to serve as an iPod volunteer but at the CVC instead of the Cancer Center.

Both Maxine and Lindsey have been added to the group email lists since they began their volunteer duties in early January. Please join me in welcoming both Maxine and Lindsey.


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Locating a Substitute

Hello iPod Squad Volunteers.

When you know in advance that you will be unavailable for your shift, please try to locate a substitute. This can be done easily by sending an email to other volunteers using the email address ipod.squad.perc@umich.edu. This address enables you to contact all iPod Squad Volunteers in one email. Please keep me informed as to whether or not you are able to locate a replacement.

Please make every effort to come in for your shift. The iPod program cannot work without the student volunteers and when you fail to show up, our patients are the ones who lose out.

We are currently in need of 3 additional student volunteers, so please encourage your friends to become involved with the Sight & Sound Program. (You might remind them that our new president is encouraging citizens to become more involved in their communities. This would be a great way for students to become involved!)

Thank you again for all your help. I hope your classes are going well and that you will find your volunteer efforts rewarding.


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January 14, 2009

iPod Procedures - Out-Patient Checkout

Hello Volunteers.

Prompted by a recent iPod "GLITCH", the "Start of the Shift" procedure has been modified, and now include the following:

Special instruction for the PM shift volunteer:
please ask the morning volunteer if there are any iPods out that need to be returned to the PERC before the end of the day.

In addition, please be diligent when reviewing the Checkout form completed by the patient. Please make every effort to get a cell phone number that the patient can be reached on while in the center. Also, obtaining an exact location (i.e. Infusion 2, Infusion Chairside, Infusion Bed, Clinic XXX) would be helpful should the patient not have a cell phone on which to be contacted. Any information that will assist the afternoon volunteer in locating the patron would be helpful. Remember, if the iPod is not received by our 5:00 pm closing time, the patient cannot receive their driver's license.

Thank you for all your help. Lori

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January 05, 2009

Changes to chemotherapy folder requests procedure

Dear volunteers,

As of now, it will not longer be possible to FedEx the chemotherapy folders that patients call us to request. The packets will mailed via US Mail. Since US Mail delivery takes at least 5 days, it does not make sense to mail the packets to patients who have appointments less than a week away from the date they called.https://sitemaker.umich.edu/percintranet/chemo_information_packets

When Patients ask for chemo folders please ask them when their appointment is. If it is less than a week away please tell them that they will recieve the folder during their visit. Please also ask them for the name of their doctor. This will help us improve the distribution of the folders. Please write on the fax the name of the patient and the doctor and just indicate that the appointment is less than a week away and fax to Melissa.

If the appointment is more than a week away please continue to do the same thing we have been doing up until now i.e: fill out the form and fax to Melissa.

Please note more specific instruction on the PERC Intranet.



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