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January 19, 2009

Material Check-In Procedure

Hello Volunteers.

As you know, a new catalog system called EOS has been installed at the PERC. We are currently transitioning to the new system; however, until all materials checked out on the old system (Spectrum) have been returned, we will need to be very careful when checking materials in. Until further notice, start by the scanning the material in through Spectrum like we always have. Check the screen, if it says that the material is already in that means it has been checked out on EOS.

This is how you check in a material on EOS:

1. Open the EOS staff mode page
2. Enter the user name and password
2. Point your curser on "Circulation" and click on "Checkin:.
4. Enter the five digit material number in the text-box and click checkin button.

You may also use the scanner instead of typing in the material number.

Posted by monti at January 19, 2009 02:10 PM


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