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February 25, 2009


Hello Volunteers.

You will notice that the key lanyard you use during your shift now has four keys instead of three. There is now a separate key for the iPod drawer and the lateral file.

In addition, the Key/Stamp box has been replaced and reorganized. I have added 6 small containers and each is labeled with the contents. There are separate clear boxes -- one for the iPod Volunteers and one for the PERC volunteers.

All the containers are labeled as well as each individual key. If you have any questions or concerns about the keys, please let me know.


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February 23, 2009

Tips for Connecting to WiFi

(This message is mostly for our reference volunteers.)

Hello Volunteers,

It is always a good idea to connect iPods to the WiFi before each checkout. The connection is created in two steps:
Step One: Selecting the guest network in the iPod's Settings
Step Two: Logging in to the guest network.

In most cases all our iPods already have the guest network selected in the their Settings, but sometimes this selection is lost and needs to be re-set.

To do that, locate and touch the Settings icon on one of the main screens. (It will say Settings underneath a picture of machine parts.) Next, touch the WiFi application. When you see the screen which says Wi-Fi ON, turn it off by touching the ON button. Wait for several seconds, and then turn it back ON by touching the OFF button. Once Wi-Fi is again ON, make sure that a checkmark appears next to guest under the Choose a Network option.

After the Guest network is selected in the Settings it will be possible to log on to it through the Web. Every time the iPod is turned off, it logs out of the guest network, which is why you need to log back on after it is turned on again.

To do that, tap on the Safari icon. Type in a URL. You will get a message asking you accept the website certificate. Tap "Yes". Next, you will see the long yellow page which is the Welcome Page to the guest network. Scroll down until you find the text boxes at the bottom. Type in a last name and an email address and tap "Continue". You will get another page on which you will have to tap "continue" again and then you are done!

Please don't hesitate to ask me or one of our iPod Squad Volunteers to help you with this or any other iPod application.


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February 10, 2009


Please note the passwords to access the EOS catalog have been changed. Please check the Volunteers page on the Intranet to find out the passwords.

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e-Books in the catalog

Dear volunteers,
Our new catalog has enabled us to catalog e-books. If you select e-book as a media when you do a search, you will find a record with a URL that connects to the e-book. So far I only cataloged a few encyclopedias, so if you search for an * and the media e-book it will bring you the list of all e-books currently in our catalog.

I hope to add more e-books in the future.


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Facing Forward

Hello Volunteers.

Should you get any inquiries, the Facing Forward Program scheduled for February 21, 2009 has been cancelled. A reschedule date has not been decided.


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