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April 08, 2009

In-Patient iPod Retrieval Process

This entry should be read by both iPod Squad and PERC Staff Volunteers.

Hello Volunteers:

When making rounds on 8A/8B, please be diligent about visiting with the patients who have an ipod to be retrieved. When you stop at a patient room and they are either not there or the doctor is in the room, please check back periodically to see if the patient (or a relative/friend) is able to assist in locating the iPod.

If you are still not able to retrieve the iPod, please inform the PERC Staff Volunteer -- letting them know why you were not able to pick up the iPod and why.

PERC Staff Volunteers, please ask the iPod Volunteer if they were able to retrieve all iPods that were checked if they do not remember to tell you. Please forward the information regarding any "overdue" ipods to me either by phone or email. We need to communicate more consistently regarding iPods that are not retrieved on the day they are "due".

Also, if the patient wants to keep the same iPod (as opposed to checking out a "fresh" iPod), please complete a new Check-out sheet and have the patient sign once again.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please let me know. And, thanks again for all your help.


Posted by monti at April 8, 2009 12:09 PM


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