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June 22, 2009

iPod Procedure Review

This message should be read by both iPod and PERC Staff volunteers.

Hello Volunteers:

Our iPod checkouts -- both In-Patient and Out-Patient -- continue to increase; thank you all for your hard work in informing patients about the Sight and Sound Program. With the increase in checkouts, however, some unfortunate incidents have occured. As a result, I would like to review some very important procedures to be followed when explaining the program to patrons.

1. When working with out-patients, please explain that only valid driver's licenses can be accepted. Please be sure that the license you receive is current. Remember, the license can be the patient's or the license of a caregiver who accompanies the patient during their visit. Expired driver's licenses cannot be accepted.

2. In-patient Blue Card Nos. must be recorded on the form. For in-patients, the Blue Card No. is on their hospital bracelet. In the case of out-patients, occasionally their Blue Card is with the Registration Desk. Make every effort to obtain the Blue Card number; however, if you cannot locate the card, you may record the patient's birth date (Day, Month and Year). It is imperative that the patient's blue card number or date of birth be listed on the iPod Check-Out sheet.

3. Finally, please review the DO NOT LEND list each time you report, prior to visiting with patrons.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these procedures. And, thank you again for all your help.


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June 17, 2009

Reference Volunteers Calendar Update

Hello Volunteers.

I just updated the Reference Volunteers Calendar located on the PERC Intranet. Please review the calendar and let me know if any additional changes are needed at this time. It would be helpful if you noted your changes on the hard copy of this calendar (located in the PERC) as well as sending me an email with your changes.

Also, there are 2 Fridays in July -- the 10 and the 24 -- that I am in need of a volunteer for either the morning or afternoon shift. In addition, I need a volunteer for Friday morning, July 17. Please check your calendars and let me know if you can help out on any of these shifts.

Thank you again for all your help -- you are SUPER!


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June 10, 2009

Sight & Sound - iPod Losses

Hello Volunteers.

We have had some very unfortunate incidents recently regarding iPods. As a result, I ask that you be extra diligent when checking out iPods, particularly to In-Patients.

I do not believe these recent incidents were a result of a failure by you volunteers to inform the patient of their responsibility to return the iPods. However,we can never by too careful so I am asking that you review the return procedure with each patient, whether a first time user or not.

Please be sure the patient knows where the 8B Patient Lounge is located; additionally, explain exactly where the Book Return Cabinet is located within the 8B Lounge.

Since few patients call the phone number listed on the envelopes(7-8626), make sure that you stress the importance of phoning the PERC to let us know their name and the date and time the iPod was placed in the cabinet.

Finally, please remind patients that this program is funded by donated monies; continued loss of iPods may result in fewer iPods being available for patient use. In addition, when an iPod is not returned, hospital security is notified at which time legal action could result.

Also volunteers, please double check that the Material Return Cabinet is indeed locked after you have checked inside for any drop-offs. In the past we have had occurences were the cabinet was not properly locked.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Again, thank you for your service!

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Processing Expert Searches while Ruti is on vacation

Hello Volunteers.

Ruti will be out of the office beginning Monday, June 15th, returning Monday, July 6th. When patrons request a search, please let them know that our librarian is out of the office and that it may take longer than usual to process the search. Please advise them that they should have their information no later than the week of July 6th.

If patrons indicate that they need the search sooner, please put a note on the search with the date they would like it by.

During Ruti's absence, I will be reviewing any information packets and information RX requests; these should continue to be sent in the usual timeframe. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Thank you for all your help.

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June 03, 2009

Wig Bank Fliers/Requests for Information

Hello Volunteers,

We are currently out of the Wig Bank fliers and I am not sure when they will be available again. In the meantime, please refer any visitors inquiring about the Wig Bank, to Guest Services at the following number: 1-800-888-9825.

Please continue to offer them the Top Solutions brochure, the American Cancer Society "TLC" catalog, and the Scarves VHS/DVD flier. Thank you.


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