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August 03, 2009

Arriving on time to your shift

Dear volunteers,

Please note that the PERC is now required to submit -- in advance -- any closings during business hours to the Patient Education Program Manager. We ask that you do your utmost to arrive on time. Recently, we have received a few phone calls about the PERC being closed at 9:00 am. If there is an emergency that prevents you from arriving promptly at the beginning of your shift, please do the following as soon as you able:

Page Lori at 936-6266 Page ID #30855. Wait for Lori to call you back to confirm that she has received your message and will cover for you until you arrive. If you have not heard from Lori within 5 minutes, then page Ruti at 936-6266 Page ID #8583. Wait for Ruti to return your call and confirm that she will cover for you until you get there.

Other phone numbers to try are:
Lori's and Ruti's office: 936-9947, Lori's cell phone 734-904-2120 or Ruti's Cell phone 734-476-4800.

If you are late to an afternoon shift, we ask that you follow the same procedure. Please DO NOT contact an iPod Squad volunteer directly.

Thank you,

Ruti and Lori

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