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February 08, 2010

Amnesty for lost ID badges

The Hospitals and HealthCenterspolicy requiring the visible
presentation of identification badges is essential to maintaining a
customer-friendly approach while reinforcing our commitment to safety
and security for staff, patients and their families. It is imperative
that staff immediately report all lost or stolen ID's to Security
Services and get a replacement to demonstrate the importance of

In an effort to ensure full compliance, there will be an upcoming
"amnesty" week for staff who have *lost* their badges and have not yet
replaced them. There is never a charge to replace expired or about to
be expired (30 days) ID badges. Stolen badges should be reported to
Hospital Security as soon as possible so an incident report can be
filed. There is no charge to replace a stolen ID badge.

All staff who have lost their ID badge should go to theKey/ID office at
Med-Inn on Level 1 (C158) to obtain replacement identification. There is
normally a $20 fee for this service. However, If your card is lost,
there willbe no charge for replacement during the below dates and times,
so please plan accordingly:

(M-F) February 15-19 from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

The Key/ID office phone number is 763-6376.

We do offer other amenities for employees looking to renew their badges

· Until further notice, NCAC is offering to renew your ID badge
during the following days/times as an addition to their services:
Ø Tuesdays 8-9:00 AM(exept when a holiday falls on a Monday –
Labor Day and Memorial Day)
Ø Wednesdays 8-9:00 AM
Ø Thursdays 3-4:00 PM

· To better assist the off-site patrons of the KEYID Office
needing to find parking, Parking Services has provided a 15-minute
“KeyID Office Only” parking space on the surface lot behind the Med
Inn Bldg.

Employees need to bring their M-Card along with a signed form, if any
department changes. Forms can be found at
(http://www.med.umich.edu/security/keyid.htm). Otherwise, they can
fill out paperwork on-site. The only other requirements will be turning
in your old ID card and being prepared to take an updated picture.

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