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August 26, 2010

While I am Out

Hello Volunteers:

I wanted to touch base with you since I will be out beginning Friday, August 27, returning, sometime the week of September 6th(hopefully). Hoping to make things easier while I am gone, I have stocked some of the more frequently used brochures in the display cabinet outside the PERC. These include:

Chemotherapy and You
Radiation Therapy and You
Eating Hints, Before, During and After Treatment

In addition, extra brochures can be found on the wooden bookcases including:

WYNTK Non-Hodgkin's Disease
WYNTK Prostate Cancer
WYNTK Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Dictionary

I have tried to stock the most used brochures; however, if you are out of a brochure and you cannot locate it on the Web to print for the patron, please send Melissa Dymond an email at barber@med.umich.edu specifying the brochure(s) that you need.

If you run out of Tool Kits, please email Sandy Hackett at shfisher@med.umich.edu to request more. Remember, Tool Kits are kept in the bottom right hand drawer of the public computer desk, the bottom middle book shelf, and on the 2nd shelf of the wooden bookcase (near the window).

Any searches or information requests that occur should be processed as usual. Please send an email to Ruti when the search is ready for her review. The search should then be placed in the top right hand drawer of the public computer desk.

Remember that any forms you may run out of (excluding the iPod sheets), can be printed directly from the PERC Intranet. The iPod forms are located behind the books on the middle bookcase (not sure which shelf!).

Regarding the iPods, we will continue to service In-Patients (8A/8B) who call the PERC to request the service. The majority of our student volunteers will complete their summer volunteer session this week or early next week. If a request does come in for an In-Patient iPod, please remember to ask if the patient is in Contact Precautions. If the patient is not in contact precautions, please get the patient's name and room number and email the information to Ruti at rvolk@umich.edu.

Thanks again for all your help in picking up extra shifts while I am out. See you soon! -Lori

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