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August 10, 2011


Hi Lori and volunteers! I wanted to introduce myself on the PERC communication blog. I'm the new(ish) librarian at the PERC. I think I have met all of the reference volunteers, though perhaps not all the tech volunteers. I'm happy to be here and looking forward to a productive and fun year.

As Lori mentioned, I most recently worked as a research librarian at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. I have a strong background in searching medical literature, especially cancer literature. If you have any questions about search strategies or sources, I am always happy to help. I've found that some of our savvier patients appreciate articles from scientific and medical journals, and I'm happy to find them for them.

I've been cataloging new books for the collection, weeding older and unused books, and looking for books that we might order for the PERC. If you have any suggestions, or if you find you are getting requests on a topic for which we don't have many resources, let me know and I'll look for sources that we can add to our collection.

Once again, I'm happy to be here, and am looking forward to getting to know everyone better and make the PERC the best we can be.

Since I am splitting my work week between the CVC and the CCC, the best way to get ahold of me is by email: asarkozy@umich.edu. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else.



Posted by asarkozy at August 10, 2011 02:45 PM


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