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November 18, 2011

Guided Imagery

Hello Volunteers,

I am happy to report that Claire Casselman has returned to the PsychOncology clinic for Guided Imagery interventions for our patients. Claire will be available 8 hours a week; patients may schedule an appointment with Claire by emailing Jalene Rende at jalenef@med.umich.edu or by phone at (734)232-2653.

Please let any patients interested in Guided Imagery know how they can schedule a session with Claire. Don't forget, there are complementary guided imagery CDs in the filing cabinet next to the PERC desk which can be given to patrons as well!


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EOS Catalog Search Procedure

Hello Volunteers:

Many of you have contacted me in the past regarding issues you have experienced when searching the EOS catalog for patrons, including search results which list records that have been removed.

Alexandra looked into this issue and has identified a way to eliminate removed records from appearing in search results.

When you are searching on behalf of a patron, search via the public OPAC site which is available at http://ummceosspr1.cvc.med.umich.edu/EOSWeb/OPAC/search/AdvancedSearch.asp , rather than the open EOS window that you use for materials checkout.

This will eliminate a lot of erroneous search results, especially as more progess is made in the catalog cleanup.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please let me know. As always, thank you for all your help.

-- Lori

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