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August 07, 2012

iPads for Checkout!

This entry should be read by both Staff and Tech Squad Volunteers.

Hello Volunteers:

We officially began loaning iPads to our patrons in the out-patient areas on August 1, 2012! For those of you who have never used an iPad, I encourage you to play with it during your volunteer shift, as time allows.

The procedures for loaning the iPads are very similar to how we loan laptops. A PowerPoint presentation has been created that explains in more detail what is involved in loaning out these new devices.

I have left several copies of the document on the staff desk for your use. Please do not hesitate to make comments or suggest changes where I may not have clearly explained procedures. Once everyone has had a chance to work with the iPads, use the instruction guide, and give me your comments, I will update the PERC Intranet with the iPad information.

Please know how very appreciative I am of your patience and commitment as we contine to increase our collection for patients and their families. Your are a very special group of volunteers; your ability to accept and learn whatever new device is added to our Sight and Sound Program is incredible.

Thank you! --Lori

Posted by monti at August 7, 2012 01:45 PM


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